Provider FAQs

Q: What do I get by joining SnowplowFinder and buying a listing package?

  • Depending on the SnowplowFinder listing package that you choose you’ll be presented with a variety of features, increasing in value with each higher level package. At the very basic level, you’ll be able to list you snow removal services and provide as much information as you’d like in the about section. You have the ability to add social media accounts for further exposure. Your listing/s will be prominently displayed to all visitors who search in or near your selected region depending on the search radius that they have chosen. Higher level listing packages have the ability to get creative with their additional included listings and either use them for separate drivers or post the same listing in more regions for greater coverage. You can also take the opportunity to upload attractive images of your logo and work. Your listing/s will be properly formatted and re-posted on Craigslist for increased exposure.
    You will also be granted access to the SnowplowFinder messaging system to privately and securely communicate with any users interested in obtaining your snow removal services.

Q: How do I get paid?

  • Snow removal costs are determined by you, the snow removal service provider. Make sure to take a look at the how to size your driveway page for help determining what you’re rates will be depending on the size of the driveway. All discussions regarding pricing are the sole responsibility of you the snow removal service provider and the user (client) that has contacted you.

Q: How much will I make for clearing a driveway?

  • Your snow removal service revenue is dependant on your rates. You must privately discuss you pricing options with your clients.

Q: How quickly do I have to complete a job?

  • SnowplowFinder strongly urges you to provide your clients with at least a 4-hour window of when you will arrive. It is the personal responsibility of each snow removal service provider to do everything in their power to maintain their arrival time estimate.

Q: Do I have to clear walkways?

  • No. Clearing walkways and any additional services and rates are not required by SnowplowFinder. However, you may offer walkway clearing and additional snow removal services at your descretion. Like general snow removal services, all pricing and negotiations are the sole responsibility of the snow removal service provider (you) and the client.

Q: What if I can’t find my specific region when creating a listing?

  • If you can’t find your specific region when creating a listing, simply choose the closest one, send a request to us through email or our live chat box, and we’ll update everything for you.

Q: I already have a listing here, but I didn’t add it. How can I claim my listing?

  • If you see that your services have already been posted on Snowplowfinder, but you did not post them and would like to claim you listing, follow these steps:
    1. 1. Create an account by clicking the Sign Up button and register through your desired method
      2. Locate you listing
      3. Click Claim Listing and follow the on-screen instruction

Q: I signed up for an account and purchased a listing package, but haven’t received any emails. What happened?

  • If you find that you’ve signed up for an account and purchased a listing package, but can’t seem to find any emails from SnowplowFinder, make sure to check that they weren’t accidentally filtered into your spam folder. If located there, simply move them to your normal inbox and make sure to add [email protected] to your contacts.

Q: I’m having issues uploading images and keep getting an error. What do I do?

  • If you’ve selected a listing package and having difficult uploading images and or receiving an error message, please try again after ensuring that your image file size don’t exceed 2mb (2 Megabytes).

Q: How do I prove, if necessary, that I’ve cleared a client’s driveway?

  • We strongly recommend that you take a picture of the area to be cleared before you start your snow removal job and after you complete it. You can also upload these images later on to your listing to display your work.