How The SnowplowFinder Platform Works

For Users:

Snowplowfinder is a simple and easy to use service that helps you find the snow removal services you need when you need them. Just follow the simple steps below to signup completely free and get access to SnowplowFinder 24/7.

1. Create An Account

Creating a user account with SnowplowFinder is easy. Simply signup using your Facebook or Twitter account. If you’d prefer not to use a social account for signup, simply enter your email address and other required information into the appropriate fields.
Please keep in mind that if you do not register with a Facebook or Twitter account, your profile photo will be taken from your Gravatar account. If you do not have a Gravatar account setup or prefer not to use one, you can always manually upload a photo of your choosing on your account page.


2. Search For A Listing

Searching for a snow removal service provider in your area is super simple. Once logged into your account, you can either begin your search from the homepage search box or select Find A Snowplow. Finding a provider is made simple by SnowplowFinder with its ability to locate your location (You must allow SnowplowFinder to locate you otherwise you can manually enter your location) and automatically return provider results in your area. The radius is set at a default of 30 miles, but feel free to play around it and select up to a 100-mile radius, or search with the on-screen map.


3. Contact Your SnowplowFinder Listing

Once you’ve found one or more providers that have piqued your interest, all that’s left is to contact them. To get in touch with a snow removal service provider you have the choice to either call, email, or use the SnowplowFinder private messaging system. The decision is yours.

Make sure that you’ve prepared ahead of time and determined the approximate size of your driveway. You can refer to the Size Your Driveway guide for help. Please keep in mind that all snow removal service pricing, scheduling, and agreements are the responsibility and between you the User and your selected Provider/s. If any issues or unforeseen misuses of the SnowplowFinder platform occur, please contact us immediately via the on-site chat window.

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For Providers:

SnowplowFinder offers a simple way to connect with potential customers in your area, allowing you to take a step back from marketing your business so you can focus on providing your snow removal services. Simple and easy to use, SnowplowFinder offers a way to find new clients without the headaches.

1. Create An Account

Creating an account with SnowplowFinder is easy. Simply signup and select your listing package based on what premium bundled features you need and how many listings you’d like access to. You can also go right to choosing your listing package through the Add Your Listings link and create an account during checkout.


2. Submit Your Listing

Submitting a listing using SnowplowFinder is super simple, we’ve made entering the area or address for you listing easy with autocomplete for your listing address.

Just complete the required fields and you’ll be ready to go. Please make sure to enter the primary telephone number you’d like associated with your listing since this will be prominently displayed. Visitors can easily tap on your number when using their mobile device and place a call to you right away. Don’t hesitate to enter your business social media accounts either. They’re a great way to connect with clients and ensure repeat business.


3. Get More Interest In Your Listing

We know you’re always looking to get more clients and stay on their minds when they need snow removal services, and now you don’t need to look any further. Because with SnowplowFinder you have more than you could ever want or need.

When using SnowplowFinder, you’ll find that you have the perfect set of options for creating a listing that effectively communicates the services that you’re offering. With options to have your listings stand out by being “featured”, upgrades for front page advertisements, and the ability for visitors to save your listing and contact you through SnowplowFinder Messaging, you’re more than equipped to drastically increase your client base.

That’s what we’ve done with SnowplowFinder.

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